About Book Chirpa

Book Chirpa was built to explore what people on Twitter are saying about O'Reilly books. It is helpful not only as a way to keep an eye on what's hot, but also as a great avenue of exposure to the myriad of book O'Reilly has in its catalog. There is also a Trends section where books that have shown up in bunches are highlighted.

Book Chirpa was built as part of the Fluidinfo/O'Reilly Writable API Contest in April 2011. The basic premise is that Book Chirpa searches Twitter for relevant links and then uses Fluidinfo to match those links to book data. If you're interested in a more behind the scenes look at Book Chirpa as part of the contest, checkout the behind the scenes section.

About Mark McSpadden

Mark McSpadden is a husband, father, and programmer that enjoys referring to himself in the third person. (Not really, he thinks it's kind of silly.) He has spent the last 9 years building things for the World Wide Web and remembers when people actually called it that. For the last 6 years, he has been using Ruby and Rails to solve problems and benefit humanity. (Really...humanity...man he sure does think highly of his work.)

He is currently employed at one of the largest players in the airline industry where he works at trying to improve both B2B and B2C communication and information flows while secretly trying to prove that rapid development (and Ruby) have a place in the "Enterprise" environment.